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John Wright Launches the Nikon D800


I am delighted to have been involved with the worldwide launch of the highly anticipated Nikon D800 in London yesterday. Having been the first in Britain to use this camera at the close of last year and known how fantastic the image resolution, pixel count and full HD video features are, it’s great to now know it’s officially announced and it will be in my equipment room soon.

Here are some of the stills from the fashion shoot I did with the D800 in London in December:

To have 36 megapixels and full HD wrapped up in the familiar Nikon body format and at a price point of around £2,500 is an absolute gift. With the arrival of this camera and my D4 I’m looking forward to using a two camera set up with my moving image work.

After a lot of speculation online about the features of the D800 over the last few months, I am pleased to say that the actual specification: 36.3 megapixels and full HD, is fantastic and a testament to Nikon’s impeccable engineering.

I’ve used a few ‘entry level pro’/serious enthusiast camera bodies over the years, normally, there’s a tangible drop in build quality between them and the top of the range models. This really isn’t quite so discernible with the D800. In the hand it feels like my NIKON X series cameras. Of course the fact it has an attachable drive gives away that it’s a smaller body but all the same, this is a serious piece of kit. Personally, I can’t wait to take delivery. The D800 bridges the gap between the shooting stills and moving images and both processes really marry together well. With changing technology and market expectations, on jobs I will often be asked to shoot both stills and video and the superb quality and usability of the D800 makes this all the easier.

As part of the launch event I was honoured to give a presentation to the assembled media at London’s Glazier’s Hall. Conversations at the event were entirely focused on the fact that Nikon really have delivered an incredible package of stills resolution and full HD video at an incredibly reasonable price.

It’s such an honour to be the photographer chosen to launch such a camera on the worldwide stage. I hope those of you who go on to buy and use the D800 find it as effective and user-friendly as I have.

I’ll be posting the behind the scenes video of me and my team in action with the D800 soon, watch this space. To see the images from the shoot go to


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